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Sponsored Dancers

At Dancewear For You I feel very fortunate to be around some of Australia's best Ballroom & Latin Dancesport competitors every day with Humphreys Dance Studio.  I am always pleased to assist as many dancers as I can with the best possible prices on professional dancewear and Ray Rose dance shoes.  

Dancewear For You Sponsored Dancers:

Steven Greenwood & Hannah O'Donovan

Steven Greenwood & Hannah O'Donovan


Craig Denham

Grete Kasi

Grete Kasi

Some of WA and Australia's best gents are already wearing RS Atelier Tails from Dancewear For You including:

Craig Denham Aust Pro Champion

Riley Moriarty with his lovely partner Meghan Philpott:  check them out here

Mitchell Kirkby with his lovely partner Brieanna Pincer:  check them out here

Aaron Clark with his lovely partner Pip Furst:  check them out here

Nicholas Kirkby;  David Smith;  Antony Mizzi;  Xavier Serrallach (NZ);  Mike Beavan;  Riley White, Simon Mills and more.  Just drop me a line for info and photos of RS Atelier Ballroom Tails from Dancewear For You.

Events sponsored by Dancewear For You:

WA Open DanceSport Championships

WA Open DanceSport

New Zealand Open DanceSport Championship

South Australian Open DanceSport Championship

Night of Stars DanceSport Championship