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Sponsored Dancers with Dancewear For You

At Dancewear For You I feel very fortunate to be around some of Australia's best Ballroom & Latin Dancesport competitors every day with Humphreys Dance Studio.  I am always pleased to assist as many dancers as I can with the best possible prices on professional dancewear and Aida, Supadance and Ray Rose dance shoes.  

Dancewear For You Sponsored Dancers

Steven Greenwood & Jessica Chikerova

Steven Greenwood and Jessica Chikerova Latin Dancers Australia

Craig Denham

Grete Kasi

Grete Kasi


Some of WA and Australia's best gents are already wearing RS Atelier Tails from Dancewear For You including:

Craig Denham Aust Pro Champion

Simon Mills with his lovely partner Meghan Philpott

Mike Beavan with his lovely partner Kelsey Pincer

Mitchell Kirkby with his lovely partner Brieanna Pincer.

Riley Moriarty; Antony Mizzi;  Xavier Serrallach (NZ);  Riley White, and more.  Just drop me a line for info and photos of RS Atelier Ballroom Tails from Dancewear For You.

Alfa Fashion proudly sponsor Brodie Barden, Australian Champion, with his stunning Ballroom Tails.  Many more Australian & International Dancers also wear Alfa Fashion Ballroom Tails available exclusively in Australia and NZ from Dancewear For You

Events sponsored by Dancewear For You

Australian DanceSport Championships

WA Open DanceSport Championships

WA Open DanceSport

New Zealand Open DanceSport Championship

South Australian Open DanceSport Championship

Night of Stars DanceSport Championship