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Galex Handmade Dance Shoes

Dance better in the best shoes! 

Galex dance shoes have earned excellent reputation among the variety of manufacturers, prices, models.

This company started working more than 10 years ago.  Now the company “Galex” has more than 70 employees, five of them – designers. “Galex” constantly updates its lineup, picks up exclusive content for the new models, improving their shoes.  Today “Galex” – is a brand that offers their customers the best value achieved through three main principles:

1. Fully manual (hand-made) production, from beginning to the end of the production process.

2. Individual responsibility of each shoemaker, confirmed with personal marking of each shoe.

3. Constant quality control of the products.

Galex is a Ukrainian dance shoe manufacturer, which uses materials from different local and international suppliers, for example natural leather is Ukrainian, patent and woman’s heels are Italian, satin- English. Male heels are made from the real Ukrainian beech, solid and durable wood. In order to select the right materials for the production, “Galex” always goes to the annual exhibition to the Bologna, Italy.

“Galex” meets all national standards and even has patents on several new inventions in the field of dance shoes.  In particular, the method of fixing the sole to the top of the man’s shoes is stitching it together. You don’t have to be a shoemaker, to understand that these shoes last much longer than glued ones.

“The secret of making quality dance shoes lies in the hard and clean work and quality materials.  That’s it.  And no secrets anymore”-says Nikolai Babenko, the owner of the company Galex.

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Galex Dance Shoes normally take from 3-5 weeks for delivery depending on stock.  Once your order is received we will be in touch ASAP with expected delivery date.