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Chrisanne Clover Velvet Gloss

Australia-wide shipping already included!

This stunning Velvet Gloss has the texture of velvet but with even more gloss and shine.  If you are looking for a velvet look but with the added sheen this fabric is perfect for you with the fabric completely oozing luxury and elegance.  With its 4 way stretch its a very versatile fabric and great to use for all areas of dance attire from Ballroom to Ice Skating to the special evening dress.

WIDTH:  140cm (56 in)  

Chrisanne Clover Velvet Gloss pricing starts from just $72 per metre INCLUDING Australia-wide shipping from Dancewear For You.  This represents a saving of $72 to Australian customers.  I achieve these discounts with regular bulk shipments to Australia.

For quantities greater than 2m simply drop me a line for my best price.

CLICK HERE and complete your details for your personal price shipped to your door.

Your Dancewear For You Australia Chrisanne Clover Dance Fabrics order should arrive Australia-wide within approx 10-28 days depending on stock availability.  PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL if you require your dance fabrics order urgently. 

THE FULL RANGE of dancewear fabrics, crystals, trimmings, accessories from Chrisanne Clover is available from Dancewear For You but all items have not been added to my web site - just the essentials.

PLACE YOUR ORDER via email: and I will be in touch straight away with my best price shipped to your door!

Worldwide Shipping is available at great rates - send an email now.

Chrisanne Clover fabrics are delicate and should be treated as such – specialist clean only